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Darius Extra Version (Mega Drive)

Release Q4
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DARIUS Extra Version, Genesis compatible game, including manual and reversible boxart.
The brand new conversion of the arcade classic from Taito, released on CARTRIDGE for the first time ever! This new Extra Version includes many fixes to the overall gameplay for a perfectly balanced difficulty, new optimized FM music and DCSG sound effects and new exclusive modes to take on and beat the high scores!

IMPORTANT: This cartridge is the 60 Hz version of Darius Extra Version (identical to Darius Extra for Genesis), but compatible with Original EU Mega Drive consoles and similar hardware. Please note: It will display with a smaller display area on PAL Mega Drives and play with 50Hz. We decided not to change this as we want to keep the game's original timings intact and optimising the game to 50Hz might have led to complications that we wanted to avoid at all cost. Please note that while there is no region lock, this Mega Drive version will work perfectly on US consoles. We are using the highest quality boards available, to ensure the game works with your hardware and doesn't cause any damage to your console. The cartridges are manufactured by DragonBox.

Limited to 2000 copies only!

Scheduled to ship in Q3 2021.

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