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Super Pocket Taito Edition

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New from Blaze Entertainment, the Taito Super Pocket!

Your Arcade in your pocket. From the makers of Evercade comes Hyper Mega Tech and the brand new Taito Super Pocket. A portable gaming device that you can take anywhere in your pocket that doesn’t sacrifice power or playability. 20 amazing arcade games, fully licensed from classic arcade publisher Taito, including Space Invades, Bubble Bobble, Elevator Action, Bust-A-Move 2, The New Zealand Story, Rastan, and more along with support for Evercade’s Cartridges to make this the ultimate arcade companion. Also Available: Capcom Super Pocket

Preloaded Games – 20 Taito Arcade Classics
USB-C charging - For fast charging. Cable included
Connect Together - 2 devices connect for multiplayer
Evercade Compatible - Over 35 cartridges with 300+ games
RGB Screen - 2.8” RGB TFT Screen 240x320

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