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Majyuo - King of Demons SNES

Art.nr  12474
Release Q3
749 sek
Inkl. moms
Fri frakt från 1 500 SEK
Beskrivning & Specifikationer

The fanatic Bayer seeks the resurrection oÿ the Demon King by kidnapping Abel’s wife, Maria, and daughter, Iria. With their sacrifices, a revived Demon King would run rampant among the world. In order to rescue his family, Abel must venture into the world of demons alone with almost no possibility of success. Upon entering, he is beset by strange creatures and eventually begins to change... he has transformed into a demon!
● First official release outside oÿ Japan
● A Japanese version of Majyūō - King of Demons translated to English
● Demonic Heart 16-bit cartridge for SNES® consoles
● Full-Colored instruction manual
● Numbered hardcover magnetic cartridge packaging
● Exclusive embellished celebratory slipcover

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