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Hammerin Harry NES  8798
769 sek
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Beskrivning & Specifikationer

The Rusty Nailers have begun to make their move in taking over all the construction in town, knocking over Harry’s home in the process! Even if the brave carpenter is alone, they know he poses a threat to their plans and have captured his love, Donna. Leap into action across five stages with Harry’s trusty hammer and chase down those thugs all the way downtown and into the harbor. You’ll find out that there’s more to them than just construction. There’s no place for sinister organizations like this in your town… it’s time to bring down the hammer on their plans!

● Features the official NES® port of the original 1990 arcade - released for the first time in North America in a cartridge!
● Oak Wood Hammerin’ Harry 8-Bit Cartridge
● Numbered Deluxe Hardcover Cartridge Packaging
● Full-Colored Instruction Manual
● Exclusive Acrylic Cartridge Display Stand

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