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Liquid Lightning Stealth-Mode  1134
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Slightly longer slim-fit

This is the Liquid Lightning Fox screenprinted on a smooth and tactical tshirt. This one is for making sure you don't get caught in the barbed wire while at the same time showing your enemies the gun-business you got going on. It has a slightly longer fit with a dash of slim in it. If you don't wear this in the gym you're missing out. You'll double take your own reflection in the mirror thinking 'is that even legal?'. Sitting infront of the washing machine waiting until you get to use it again is a common side effect, but we get it. So just make sure you grab a few when you're at it so the rotation never skips a beat. It takes several washes like a champ and the print is of highest quality making sure your fox stays fast and deadly.

PXL Merch is that extra side thing we just had to explore. The PXL brand has way more to offer than just the breathtaking flavor and function of our energy drinks. This allows us to delve into other avenues and give a broader feeling of what we stand for. Cybernetic Tigers with massive assault rifles or lethally quick Foxes designed by world class artists are just the beginning. Nothing would make us prouder than to see these designs out in the wild and we promise to keep the quality top of the line and the designs to die for.

The Stealth-Mode is a slightly longer slim-fit and lighter fabric. You should chose your normal tshirt size when ordering.

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