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Wonder Boy Returns Remix Collector's Edition (NSW)  1193
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Beskrivning & Specifikationer

A Classic Arcade Masterpiece!

Wonder Boy Returns Remix the High Definition Remake!

Boy, our protagonist is at the beach spending time with other girls behind his girlfriend Tina's back. That was when Tina confronts him and Boy gets punished for his behavior. While being disciplined, a red devil suddenly appears out of nowhere and kidnaps Tina. "Hold on Tina! I will save you!!!". In order to save Tina and repent for his mistake, our Boy sets towards for a difficult adventure…

Food is important for a primitive man! Collect all food before your health gets depleted, defeat all enemies, avoid all obstacles and head over to save Tina!


Cutesy HD Graphics
Smooth, Responsive Animations
Brilliant OST & Sound Effects
Lots of Fruit
Improved Gameplay & Interface

The Collector's Edition contains:

Wonder Boy Returns Remix Game for Nintendo Switch with colourful manual
Collector's Edition Box with magnetic latch
Wonder Boy Returns Remix Soundtrack CD
Tote bag
Key Chain
Reversible Poster
2 Postcards

Approximate size of the Collector's Edition box: 22cm x 16cm x 6,5cm (8,7 x 6,3 x 2,6 inches)

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