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Gimmick! Collectors Edition  9821
Release nov
Clear River Games
949 sek
899 sek
Inkl. moms
Fri frakt från 1 500 SEK
Beskrivning & Specifikationer

SUNSOFT's cult classic Gimmick! returns in this once-in.-a-lifetime Special Edition!

Jump, shoot, bounce, defend and befriend in Gimmick! Special Edition. SUNSOFT's master class in action platforming finally bursts onto current platforms enriched with achievements, gameplay assist features, and modern extras! Gimmick! was initially released on Famicom™/NES™ in the early '90s in Japan and Scandinavia and got praise for pushing the console to its limits. The Japanese cartridge carried its own gimmick with SunSoft 5B, a sound chip that enabled Masashi Kageyamato to compose an unforgettable soundtrack. Gimmick! remains one of the most valuable (and rarest) NES™ cartridges ever made. In Scandinavia, the game was released as "Mr. Gimmick". Modern enhancements: • Achievements • Time Attack Mode • Online Leaderboards • Save and Quick Load • Rewind Function • Gallery mode

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