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Combat Patrol: Tyranids  1211
Games Workshop
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The Norn-Queens have been hard at work splicing together a new Combat Patrol box, which is ideal whether you're brand new to the Tyranids or have been on board since Hive Fleet Behemoth was first sighted.

Leading the force into battle is mighty Hive Tyrant.** This terrifying leader-beast is a literal combat monster, who can use insidious telepathic abilities to support the CORE units in your army – such as the Tyranid Warriors and Termagants that accompany it in the box. Clearly, all part of the Hive Mind's design…

The Hive Tyrant can be equipped with a variety of grotesque bio-weapons for melee and ranged combat, allowing you to build a monster adapted to dealing with any foe. You can even build the kit as a Winged Hive Tyrant – or the fearsome Swarmlord.

Every self-respecting Hive Tyrant needs a swarm to command, and the Combat Patrol box provides you with a whopping 36 Termagants (plus three Ripper Swarms). Even the renowned tactician Roboute Guilliman has to concede that quantity has a quality all of its own.

Scuttling predators that can be armed with several different ranged bio-weapons, Termagants are ideal for controlling objectives in your territory – or swarming over enemy units foolish enough to try and hold them in midfield. Plus, wait until you see what their upgraded fleshborers can do.***

The box also contains three Tyranid Warriors, perfect for helping the Hive Tyrant direct your Termagants toward their prey. Strong, swift, and among the Hive Mind's most adaptable breeds – no invasion would be complete without these intelligent bioforms to anchor the swarm.

As with the Hive Tyrant, the Tyranid Warriors can be engineered for almost any purpose. Give them bone swords, scything talons, or rending claws to tear your enemies apart in melee, and gun them down at range with living weaponry like devourers, deathspitters, or the powerful barbed strangler or venom cannon.

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