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Snorlax Plush  7133
The Pokémon Company
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Beskrivning & Specifikationer


Snorlax is a very large and fat mammalian Pokémon that has grayish-blue fur and an apricot-color underbelly. Its eyes are always closed, making it look as if it is sleeping. It has two visible lower teeth that stick out of its mouth when closed.

In its Gigantamax form, its belly forms a hill with plants and tree on top of it, causing Snorlax to lie on its back.


Snorlax is known for its relaxed and somewhat-sluggish nature. It will sleep all day until it is hungry, when it will awake and forage for the 880 pounds (399 kilograms) of food it needs, afterwards falling back to sleep again. Because of its eating habits, it can interfere with human farming by destroying crops for food, but it is also believed to release a kind of energy to help new plants grow wherever it ate.

Snuggle with this Snorlax plush! Add Snorlax to your party today!

Official Pokemon licensed merchandise

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