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Divoom - Pixel Factory  1287

Meet the Divoom Pixel Factory: This is a unique pixel art drawing tablet with 11.7*8.85*2.48 inches. With our pixel factory drawing tablet, children can easily draw and animate pixels to develop their hobby and creativity.
Divoom App: This app works with drawing tablets, there are many users sharing their creations on this app, your kids will get different inspirations by browsing their creations. The app is compatible with IOS and Android systems and can be downloaded from Google Store or APP Store.
Online interaction: Share your child's creations through the app and communicate with more than 10,000 different talented artists to share their inspiration and drawing skills. In addition, children's self-confidence and social skills will be developed during the communication process.
Long Standby: Our Pixel Artboard has a 5000 mAn battery capacity and can work up to 14 hours after charging. Charged with a USB Type-C cable, you can still charge it in the car even if the painted panel loses power while traveling. This will be a great companion for your child's journey.
Brilliant gift for kids: built-in mini-games, displayed in pixel form. After painting, your child can have different fun and get different inspirations. It's the perfect birthday, Christmas, and other holidays to come.