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Evercade - Piko Interactive Collection 4

Art.nr  12598
Release 30/4
259 sek
Inkl. moms
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Beskrivning & Specifikationer

Piko Interactive Collection 4 brings together 10 great games that span the 8 to 64-bit eras, including 3D platformer Glover, the atmospheric Risky Woods, Randell Reiss' impressive 16-bit first-person shooter Zero Tolerance Underground and more!

  1. Glover (64-bit)

    Charming 64-bit 3D platformer action comes to Evercade with Glover and his ball-bouncing quest to recover the Crystal Castle's most precious treasures.

    Risky Woods

    The wise old monks of the land have been turned into statues, and it's up to the brave young warrior Rohan to save them in Risky Woods, an atmospheric 16-bit platformer for Evercade.

    Zero Tolerance Underground

    In this impressive 16-bit first-person shooter by Randel Reiss, it's up to you to prevent an alien invasion from destroying the world's transport infrastructure. Your Evercade is up to the challenge — are you?

    Street Racer

    Kart racing comes to Evercade with a violent twist in Street Racer, a thrilling 16-bit title featuring split-screen two-player action!

    Target: Renegade

    It's time to clean up the mean streets once again in this classic 8-bit brawler for Evercade. Can you beat Mr. Big?

    Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans

    For ten years, the evil Sküljagger has ruled the island of Westica with an iron fist. Join the heroic Storm Jaxon in this 16-bit platforming adventure for Evercade as he attempts to overthrow the tyrant.

    Bad Street Brawler

    Bop'n rumble your way through the mean streets as former punk rocker and super-cool martial arts vigilante Duke Davis in this 8-bit brawler for Evercade.

    Mermaids of Atlantis

    Strategically pop bubbles and make use of mysterious magic powers in this aquatic-themed 8-bit puzzler for Evercade.

    Star X

    The race is on to save all of humanity from enslavement by an alien race in this 32-bit polygonal shoot 'em up for Evercade!

    The Fidgetts

    Freddie and Frankie Fidgett must make it back to the docks to reunite with their family, but they need your help in this 8-bit puzzle platformer for Evercade!

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