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Evercade Indie Heroes Collection 2  6375
Release Jan
249 sek
Inkl. moms
Fri frakt från 1 500 SEK
Beskrivning & Specifikationer

But first, the full games list. You’ll be aware of 8 of the 12 games on this collection thanks to Game of the Month. These are:

  • Tapeworm Disco Puzzle – Lowtek Games
  • Nessy The Robot – Daniel T. Gaming
  • Reknum Souls Adventure – Nape Games
  • The Cowlitz Gamers’ Adventure Trilogy – Łukasz Kur and M-Tee
  • Anguna: Scourge of the Goblin King – Bite The Chili Productions
  • Eyra: The Crow Maiden – Second Dimension
  • Lunar Journey – Greenboy Games
  • Yeah Yeah Beebiss II – Rigg’d Games


Joining these games will be

  • Gelatanous: Humanity Lost – The Retro Room (Which will also be December’s Game of the Month)
  • The Gruniożerca Trilogy – Łukasz Kur and M-Tee
  • Nix: The Paradox Relic – Dustin Huddleston
  • Beer Slinger – Second Dimension
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