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In the Palm of your Hand  787

Open Leon's souvenir box and discover his amazing life! The 100 cards of the game are as many memories to mime, in the palm of the hand of other players, using 11 different objects. Focus on the sensations you felt to find the right memory!

A touching game! «In the Palm of Your Hand» is an innovative and poetic board game that will make you play with the sense of touch.

«In the Palm of Your Hand» offers unique sensations. The game tells the extraordinary life of a grandpa, Leon, who shows his souvenir box to his grandchildren. His memories are depicted on 100 beautifully illustrated cards. The game also includes 11 Objects that will be used by the players to mime Leon's memories. Indeed, the active player draws a card, chooses the objects to use, and mime the memories of the card in the hand of another player who has his eyes shut and plays the role of the grandpa; the latter focuses on the sensations he feels during the mime. The opponents are watching the mime and must find, among the cards they have in hand, which one could fit with the scene that has been mimed in order to mislead the grandpa. Will the grandpa be able to find the right memories among 8 different cards?